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Meet the Characters

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Who is Jemma?

Our main protagonist, Jemma, lives on the Wharf on the edges of the lands of Adocentyn, amongst sea traders, Tern ships, Arctic Gulls, and the wandering Caravanassi. She makes money filling clam buckets for the fish mongers in the market lanes and, at night, collecting bets for her protector, Soren, in the wrestling dens. By day, she searches the Scarp mountains for treasure buried in the ruins of ancient Memory Palaces. But all this is about to change!  

Likes: Digging for treasure in the Scarp. Seeing the far-off lights of Adocentyn sweeping across the mountain tops. Eating hot corn cakes on the Wharf. Watching Edgar making tea (read about this in Chapter 4).

Dislikes: Trade Masters. Filling clam buckets. Getting her fingers stomped on while collecting bet-tokens in the wrestling dens. Dark Keepers. Sir Francis Gilbert (we meet him in Chapter 21).

Dreams: Escaping the Wharf and sailing away on a trade ship to Adocentyn - the great City of the Sun. To one day find her mother and father. To never be apart from Edgar. 


Who is Edgar?

Jemma's undying companion. A scholar of the Raven-Scribes.
An exile.

Likes: Keeping Jemma safe. Knowledge of every kind. Reading forbidden scrolls. Mysteries and puzzles. Flying. Tea. 

Dislikes: Whenever Jemma is in danger. Silly superstitions about ravens (you can read about his great annoyance of superstitions in Chapter 4). Shadows & fog. Charlatans (especially Sir Francis). Petty spies of the Raven court (see Chapter 14!). Leaving those he loves. 


Dreams: Jemma being happy and safe. Learning the deeper mysteries of the Memory-Lands and its Keepers. To live in a world without evil. Returning home. One day, writing his own Chronicles of Memory. 

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Other Characters

Who are some of the characters they meet along the way?


Jiordano Bruno

Greatest memory magician. Creator of the City of Adocentyn. Wanted by the bad guys. You'll meet him in Chapter 1 - then he disappears for a while when he's banished to the Shadow City. His eyes are 'fiery and alive, even in the shadows.'

Memory Magus



Otherwise known as Sorenstar. Jemma's protector in the Wharf. A fighter in the wrestling dens, fated to always lose the fight, night after night. And Jemma wants to know why?

Wharf Wrestler


Besh & Daria

Jemma's Caravanassi friends. She teaches them how to dive for salt-weed. They give her stew wrapped in flat bread from the roasting fires. One day, they disappear. Jemma thinks it's somehow connected to the lights of Adocentyn. 




One of the protectors of the Memory-Lands. Helps Jemma. In Chapter 9 he is described as 'brimming with the vastness of oceans,' and having a 'face of the sea, sun-coloured and stubbled and windswept.'

Keeper of the Terns



Queen of the Delphin and protector of her Keeper. Described in Chapter 18 as a 'figure of stark and radiant beauty.' Edgar warns of the discontent brewing in the Delphin Court. Jemma needs her help, but she must be careful. 

Delphin Queen



Son of a Cray fisherman, who thinks his boy is hopeless because he is shy and stutters. He collects precious things he finds in cray pots. Jemma sees that he is kind and courageous. We first meet him in Chapter 16.

   A Cray Boy 

Bad Guys

...and who is                         ...lurking in the Shadows?

Sir Francis



Dark Keepers

Gaspar Scoppius

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