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Jemma and the Raven

A girl. A raven. A luminous adventure.

B. D. Reeves Jemma and the Raven YA Fantasy Audiobook

Coming out June 2024

To everyone else, Jemma is nothing but a Wharf-thief. She scavenges for tokens in the wrestling dens and parades along the market lanes with a raven, Edgar, on her shoulder.


But she and Edgar have a secret. In a land where memories fade into the Shadows without the love of a Keeper, they scour the ruins of ancient memory palaces, searching for treasure that will buy them a passage to the great city of Adocentyn.


When Jemma steals a map and a golden blade, she sets in motion a chain of events that will tie her destiny to the survival of all who live in the light of Memory.

Can Jemma defeat the darkness she has unleached, without losing herself? And who is the voice she hears, guiding her along the way?

"I am with you. Follow the lights." 

Chapter 1 - Audiobook Sample

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Jemma and the Raven Cover Art


Introducing the characters

Meet Jemma & Edgar

Find out more about the characters, the world of the memory-lands, or the historical inspiration behind Jemma and the Raven.

Jemma and the Raven Art - Edgar
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