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B. D. Reeves is a Melbourne-based writer who loves to explore hybrid forms in literature. His books combine philosophical, historical and fantastical ideas with magical elements and calls to adventure. His debut YA fantasy novel, Jemma and the Raven, began with a fascination with memory palaces and the Renaissance belief that lands and other realms could be created from memories. He is currently working on the next instalment, along with two other stand-alone novels.

As the child of a diplomat, B. D. Reeves learned the joys of travel from an early age. He once camped in an old shepherd’s hut on a remote Greek island where he discovered the remnants of ancient frescos, the secrets of bees, and the friendship of a goat who followed him wherever he went. He has since adored the concept of animals in fiction.

His eclectic interests have led him to study far and wide. He has completed a Philosophy degree from the Australian National University (ANU), a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT, and a Masters in Educational Research at the University of Melbourne. In 2020 he received the Frieda Cohen award for best research thesis. In 2021 he was shortlisted for the New Philosopher fiction writing awards

When he is not reading, writing and dreaming, B. D. Reeves teaches philosophy and literature, conducts educational research, and is currently completing his PhD at the University of Melbourne.


A creative at heart, during the lockdowns in Melbourne he rediscovered a long-lost guitar and began writing and producing songs – putting out his first single Liar in December 2020. His EP Contradictions will be released this year.

He lives with his family, two cats (Augustus and Tiberius), and beloved dog, Juno. 

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